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Expand the Circle

Enlightened Leadership for Our New World of Work
How we work and what we expect from our work have changed dramatically - so why hasn't our leadership?

Workers are wrestling with life's big questions: Who am I, really? Where do I fit in? How does what I'm doing make a difference? Meanwhile, employers remain focused on "business as usual," and outdated leadership approaches are fueling frustration on all sides.

Author Matt Poepsel believes it's time to usher in the next era of leadership. Expand the Circle: Enlightened Leadership for Our New World of Work takes leaders on an epic journey of personal discovery, insight, and action.

Learn how to:
    • Lead Yourself - by boosting awareness and confidence
    • Lead Others - by making critical connections and building trust
    • Lead Your Team - by uniting a group in the pursuit of a collective goal
    • Lead Your Organization - by implementing people-centric practices
    • Lead the World - by going beyond the boundaries of your organization
    Expand the Circle will transform how you think about your natural leadership ability, equip you with a suite of actionable tools, and inspire you to realize your full potential. With its unique blend of thought-provoking and entertaining stories, compelling research, and hands-on exercises, Expand the Circle is a lively read and a clear roadmap to enlightened leadership.

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    You'll receive the following:

    1. Leadership Compatibility Index - What you must do as a leader, based on your preferred workstyle, to achieve your wildest goals.
    2. Team Dynamic Score - Is your team making simple mistakes that can be eliminated by knowing what areas you as a leader are most important to focus on?
    3. Employee Engagement Score - Are you a victim of poor employee engagement? Find out how engaged your employees are and if it is costing you money.
    4. Leadership Approachability Score - As a leader, does your team feel comfortable talking with you about potential issues? Or do they wait until they absolutely have to and often when the issue is much worse?
    5. Work Execution and Fix Plan - What you MUST do to get some quick wins under your belt.
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    Texhoma Land Consultants

    Director of Operations

    "Working with Noel was wonderful. 10 out of 10, so happy to go through the process and have the analysis to identify work styles and consider how to best leverage their skills for the team's common goal."


    NKC America

    General Manager

    "Noel showed me that there might be something in my team that I was not appreciating or leveraging: their natural behaviors and personalities.  Noel is an expert in this field, and it clearly shows. He has a passion for teams. Thank you Noel!"


    Jones Engineering Group

    Director, Process SBU

    "From initial discussions with Noel, it was clear that he quickly understood and grasped our challenges and that he had the tools to dig into our team structures and give us some honest & independent feedback. Noel brings great energy and passion to the process, in a very structured way."