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Neuropsychology of Leadership: How to Get More Done with Less Stress

March 15th @ 11:00am ET

An Exclusive Seminar Hosted By: Noel DiBona

Guest Speaker: Steve Swavely, Ph.D., CCP

Are you ready to discover how to get more done with less stress?

Host: Noel DiBona
I help leaders boost the performance of mission critical teams using people analytics.
Steve Swavely Ph.D., CCP
I help leaders accelerate and advance their careers utilizing neuropsychology to evolve their leadership capabilities.

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Texhoma Land Consultants

Director of Operations

"Working with Noel was wonderful. 10 out of 10, so happy to go through the process and have the analysis to identify work styles and consider how to best leverage their skills for the team's common goal."



NKC America

General Manager

"Noel showed me that there might be something in my team that I was not appreciating or leveraging: their natural behaviors and personalities.  Noel is an expert in this field, and it clearly shows. He has a passion for teams. Thank you Noel!"



Jones Engineering Group

Director, Process SBU

"From initial discussions with Noel, it was clear that he quickly understood and grasped our challenges and that he had the tools to dig into our team structures and give us some honest & independent feedback. Noel brings great energy and passion to the process, in a very structured way."

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What is Flow?

Flow is a state of brain and mind. Facilitated by the brain's motivational systems. When your brain and mind are in a state of flow three things happen:

    1. Endorphins are released - Elevates mood
    2. Dopamine is released - Creates focus and insight
    3. Serotonin levels increase - Crease a sense of accomplishment

    How does this relate to retaining your best employees?

    Employees can be categorized into three different zones.

    Flow Zone

    Employees that have a good match between the level of skill they possess to meet the current level of challenge from their work. There is an optimal balance within the brain's motivational systems.

    Frustration Zone

    Employees in this zone are having their skill set overwhelmed by the challenges of their job. Their brain is operating from ineffective and inefficient emotional systems.

    Boredom Zone

    Employees in this zone are not having their skills challenged by their work and as a result apathy sets in. Their brain is operating on autopilot with the emotional and thinking systems essentially offline.

    Insights I Will Reveal...

    There are 3 insights you will gain from attending this seminar

    Insight #1

    How leaders are struggling to get all of their work done. They're stressed, burned out, and overworked trying to get an endless amount of work done.

    Insight #2

    How world class leaders are utilizing neuropsychology to conquer this challenge and are able to get more done with less stress.

    Insight #3

    Steve and Noel will work with you to build a custom action plan to help you utilize the power of neuropsychology to get more done with less stress.

    All attendees will...

    ... Receive a FREE gift ($500 value)...

    Which includes:

        • Your current team score in four different areas.
        • Customized action plan with actionable advice to improve your team in each of the four areas
        • Receive your behavioral assessment - discover your intrinsic behavioral style and where it fits into your workplace.
        • Recommended next steps based on your team's unique situation and needs.
        • All of this will be laid out on a three page document you'll receive during our 30-minute 1:1 Zoom Consultation.

    ... as well as be entered in a raffle for a FREE 1:1 Team Analysis Session ($2,000 value).

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