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Maybe Leadership Isn't For You

04.11.22 03:00 PM By Noel DiBona

As difficult as it seems, not everyone can or should be a leader. Just because someone wants to be a leader doesn’t mean they have the character, skill, and courage to be a leader.

If you think you’re a leader, but people don’t see you as one, you might have a problem. Maybe your self-assessment is off, or your boss doesn’t recognize your leadership.

Your not a leader if:
      • You don’t get results. Real leaders get the job done.
      • You get results by bullying or manipulating others. If you abuse your influence, you may make short-term gains, but eventually it will catch up and derail you.
      • You don’t care. You can’t be a leader if you don’t care about those you lead.
      • You’re chasing the position of leadership as a status symbol. Power doesn’t drive real leaders.
      • You make lots of promises and don’t keep them. Leadership is about taking action.
      • You don’t help people reach their full potential. Leadership is helping people reach goals they didn’t think they could.
      • You don’t want to implement positive change. Status quo is the enemy of leadership.
      • You churn talent. If you can’t attract, retain, or develop talent you’re not a leader.
      • You take credit instead of giving it. The best leaders only say I when they accept responsibility for failure.
      • You care about process more than people. Without people you have nothing to lead.

Adapted from “Why You’re Not A Leader,” by M. Myatt, 2013.