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Is Your Team Really Aligned?
Most teams believe they are aligned to their company’s business strategy, yet consistently fall short of achieving their goals. With all of the hustle and bustle of business, teams can easily veer off track in a sea of busyness.

When teams veer off track, they are losing the opportunity to create imp...
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Why Your #1 Leadership Superpower is Effective Communication
While so many knowledge workers face the overwhelming task of being unable to keep pace with their jobs, largely caused by excessive volumes of e-communication, the only way they can fix their situation is to leave their jobs in record numbers – the great resignation.
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My Team is Opposed to Change, What Now?
Over the last several years businesses have been navigating continuous disruption from digital transformation, economic uncertainty, and political tensions.
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Maybe Leadership Isn't For You
As difficult as it seems, not everyone can or should be a leader. Just because someone wants to be a leader doesn’t mean they have the character, skill, and courage to be a leader.
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How to Maximize the Productive Output of Your Organization
A Three-Step Process for Executive Leadership As you and your leadership team evaluate your next move for 2023, we have a simple and effective system to...
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Seven Steps To Stop Your Team from Doing Needless Work
Productivity is all about getting more done without adding people to your team. Across all industries, most companies are losing 20 to 30% productive output, according to multiple studies conducted by Bain, McKinsey, and many other public and private think tank organizations.
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It's Time to Bulletproof Your Job!
You’ve undoubtedly been hearing all the talk about the possibilities of a recession and over the last couple of months, economists are now predicting there is a significant chance of that happening over the next year. There are some things that we should do in preparation.
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Smart Leaders Make Decisions, Then Take Action
Jack is responsible for the operations of a $600MM division providing specialty process equipment installation services. They work with all of the big-name Engineering & Construction firms on difficult and technology-driven capital projects.
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Journey to The Top Ten Percent
The typical manager is caught up in a cycle of everyday work. Meetings, emails, customer interactions, finishing projects and starting new ones. Days go into weeks, weeks into months, and the endless cycle continues.
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The Five Areas Often Overlooked by Leaders
Here are five basic areas that leaders commonly overlook and can be the difference between an underperforming team and a high performing team. Which of the following would help your team?
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