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Top Teams are Committed Teams

Imagine you arrive at work, and you can sense that everyone is working well together. Everything is under control, no fires to put out.

Your team arrives on time and gets right to work. They're on target. Fully planned. Making things happen on their own. They're not getting you involved with problems they can solve on their own.

You're able to go into your office and enjoy a cup of coffee while going through your emails and your agenda for the day.

Your team is psychologically committed to the success of the organization.

They are highly engaged and are vastly outpacing the other departments with their high levels of productivity.

They enjoy their work and each team member wants to do their best. They're inspired to go the extra mile.

Business is better than ever because you have a happy, healthy team.

You're looking forward to a team meeting later in the day. You will be letting them know they will be receiving a surprise bonus for crushing your company goals.

Later in the day, you have meetings with the executive team about growing the business and hiring new team members.

Life is good!

How Do We Do It?


Our goal is to improve the productive output of critical teams. We do this by teaching companies how to identify the hidden strengths of individuals. Using science-based data, we eliminate communication barriers and improve cooperation. With a more cooperative spirit, teams produce more and are happier in their work. This approach creates better outcomes for the company and each employee. And more satisfied employees will stick around even in the toughest of times.


Wasteful practices and processes become more evident as teams get better aligned. We will review your current management operating system (MOS) in three areas:

  1. How is work forecasted, planned, and assigned?
  2. What is the actual versus theoretical productive output of the team?
  3. What non-value or redundant work should be eliminated?

We partner with our clients to establish a fix plan, complete with the appropriate metrics and change management plan.


‘Give a man a fish and he will eat for a day. Teach a man how to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.’


We partner with a diverse group of technology providers. It is our desire to make your job easier and to help you sustain business improvements. The following is a partial list of the tools we use to help you improve your business outcomes.


We teach you how to use technology so you’re not overly dependent on us.


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... and discover how you can improve your team's productivity, efficiency, and effectiveness.

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Working directly with the leader of the team, utilizing over 40 million sets of data, we’ll uncover the following:


Gain a deeper self-awareness of your leadership strengths, potential blind spots, and areas of synergy and conflict with your team.


Gain an understanding of your team’s composition, including their strengths, potential blind spots, gaps, and trouble areas.


See yourself, your team, and your strategy to identify strengths, alignment, and gaps to better align your team to your goals.

We’ll build upon the strengths of every individual to design the best team based on the people.

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Achieve predictable operational performance and ensure sustainability with an effective MOS implementation.


1.  Begin at the frontline

The frontline is where active and visible improvements can be made quickly and most effectively, as it is heavily execution focused and therefore, is the first place where the effect will be evident. 


2.  Define KPIs and targets and cascade it through the organization.

The desired outcomes can only be achieved and sustained when the entire organization, at all levels, is committed to the execution of the MOS. Therefore, it is essential to identify KPIs and metrics and cascade them through the organization.


3.  Focus on a clear, expected outcome

A MOS is a permanent platform that facilitates alignment of the organization on key risk reduction and business performance improvements, priorities and goals. It must be simple and intuitive, should add minimal administrative burden and should enable consistent execution on what matters most.


4.  Continual tracking

By tracking those few critical actions daily that move the organization forward – a culture of performance and accountability begins to take hold of the organization, which is the grounding basis for any performance improvement culture.

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Send science-backed pulse surveys and get AI-powered recommendations to build an outstanding culture with PI Diagnose.


Turn any team into a high-performing team. A mismatch between a group’s behavioral style and its strategic goals can cause major problems.


Help leaders across the organization hire brilliantly. When you make a new hire, you create a new team. The dynamics change – for the better or for the worse. One bad hire can disrupt a winning team’s groove. Yet companies keep winging it and hoping for the best.


Improve employee performance. Managers think they understand their people – when they really don’t. They manage everyone the same way, ignoring individual needs and preferences. Frustrations grow. People stew in silence. High performers leave.

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About Noel DiBona

I began my career as an operations supervisor in a Clorox manufacturing facility, and I was frustrated working on teams that had too much red tape and not enough action.

It made such a big impression that I went on a mission looking for ways to build better teams.

Over the course of the next 35 years, I served on high-performance teams in military special operations units and private businesses.

Quickly rising through the ranks of executive management at large firms like Fluor Corporation, CH2M, and Tetra Tech, I perfected a system to develop high-performance teams.

Over the past 15 years, my expertise has continued to grow and I have saved companies like Electrolux, DuPont, GSK, and many other clients millions of dollars through more efficient utilization of resources.

In partnership with the Predictive Index, I am now able to provide results to my clients within 30 days combining my knowledge and processes with people analytics technology.

Helped over 300 businesses

30+ Years Experience

Award Winning Consultant

What Our Clients Say


Texhoma Land Consultants

Director of Operations

"Working with Noel was wonderful. 10 out of 10, so happy to go through the process and have the analysis to identify work styles and consider how to best leverage their skills for the team's common goal."


NKC America

General Manager

"Noel showed me that there might be something in my team that I was not appreciating or leveraging: their natural behaviors and personalities. Noel was able to show where we were as a team, and how that differed from where we wanted and needed to be. Noel is an expert in this field, and it clearly shows. He has a passion for teams. Thank you Noel!"


Jones Engineering Group

Director, Process SBU

"From initial discussions with Noel, it was clear that he quickly understood and grasped our challenges and that he had the tools to dig into our team structures and give us some honest & independent feedback. Noel has clearly been through this several times with various companies and he brings great energy and passion to the process, in a very structured way."

Our Clients Include...

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​Team Improvement Plan

... and discover how you can improve your team's productivity, efficiency, and effectiveness.

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you'll gain the following insight:

Leadership Compatibility Index

What you must do as a leader, based on your preferred workstyle, to exceed your wildest goals.

Team Dynamic Score

Is your team making simple mistakes that can be eliminated by knowing what areas you as a leader need to focus on?

Employee Engagement Score

Are you a victim of poor employee engagement? Find out how engaged your employees are and if it is costing you money.

Leadership Approachability Score

As a leader, does your team feel comfortable talking with you about potential issues? Or do they wait until they absolutely have to and often when the issue is much worse?

Work Execution and Fix Plan

What you MUST do to get some quick wins under your belt.

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